Serendib Isle of Dreams Limited Reprint Available soon

The long anticipated Second Edition of Serendib Isle of Dreams is available in a limited reprint and is a must read for the upcoming Dark Shores Sequel.

It is currently available through Please visit this link to purchase ebook:

Author House UK writes:

Intense and refreshingly original, Serendib – Isle of Dreams is a sensitive, romantic tale portraying characters we can readily identify with. They share the same dreams, problems and aspirations we experience in our own quest for true love. Set amidst the political conflict which exploded in 1983, the story begins at a New Years Eve Ball in 2000 when beautiful but troubled Natalie Barclay meets devastatingly handsome Michael Vanderbilt at Mount Lavinia Hotel in Columbo. The scene is set for Natalie and Mike to fall in love immediately but dusky scheming Renuka is determined to marry Mike and unleashes evil forces that threaten to destroy their new found happiness. Natalie escapes to Queensland, Australia to nurse her grief. This fascinating story catapults the reader into the exotic world of Serendib and left wanting to learn more of this beautiful island and its people. Descriptive passages, fresh imagery and quirky colloquial conversations or “Ceylonisms” endear the characters to the reader. The fast paced story captures and hurtles the reader on a breathless journey through plots and situations as varied and complex as a landscape with light, shade and shadow filtering through the scenes.

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