“Thistles in the wind” my autobiography will be displayed at the Tucson Festival of books on the 2nd and 3rd of March 2019 on the University of Arizona campus. The book will be included in the exhibition catalogue which will be distributed at the event, with ordering information, book description and cover image. Attendees will be instructed in catalogue to place orders on-line. Be sure to note this important date in your diaries.

New release! Thistles in the wind-Autobiography is now available on Amazon, on-line bookstores, libraries and AuthorHouse. Following is a brief review.

With a vivid description of early childhood in Sri Lanka, the Lotus Island, and then migrating to Australia in 1972, it is a captivating journey of fortitude in the pursuit of her dreams. Her indomitable spirit, faith, and resilience in the face of adversity and loss is truly inspiring, as the rich tapestry of her life is interwoven with optimism and determination to succeed in a new country.

Happy New Year!

Once again I look forward to another busy next twelve months of writing and more writing, with lots of exciting new projects on the horizon. Authorhouse UK is publishing a second edition of “An Eternal Summer” in March this year. My next aim is to complete the screenplay for “Catsville” and market it locally and overseas. “Is this your Caruso”Biography of Tenor Luigi Campeotto” is selling well internationally. The book is available online through Melrose Books and Amazon. You can also pick up copies of this title and other selected books at Onde’s Fine Food Cafe Mornington, Victoria, if you are lucky enough to live close by. Not only is the food fantastic, but they make the best coffee in town! I’m happy to sign your copy  and have a chat too whenever I’m there.


“Elise’s Journey” a huge success!

Thanks to all who attended the performance of “Elise’s Journey” on Sunday the 21st of October 2012. It was the culmination of almost two years of planning and organizing, not to mention recruiting volunteers to act and turn up for rehearsals almost every weekend! The audience enjoyed the story, great music and songs immensely; and the actors were fantastic even though it was the first time some of them had appeared on stage. The whole show went through smoothly without a hitch, and many people wanted to know if we were going to hold a few more performances in the future, and the answer to that is, wait and see. All proceeds from the sale of tickets were donated to the Society of St Vincent de Paul Mornington. Thank you once again to the actors and everyone who were involved in this performance as they worked hard to make it a resounding success.