Dark Shores – Return to Serendib

Familiar characters reappear on stage in this dramatic sequel to the popular novel ‘Serendib – Isle of dreams’ as Natalie and Mike  prepare to celebrate three years of marital bliss with family and friends. Evil and vengeful as ever, Renuka is determined to possess Mike at any cost and joins forces with Natalie’s sadistic ex-husband in his quest for revenge.

Rashid, Renuka’s mysterious new boyfriend embroils her in nefarious child smuggling activity in remote fishing villages. Renuka  finally succeeds in entrapping Mike. Natalie’s ex-husband abducts her but when they are ambushed on a lonely road, she is captured by terrorists roaming the steamy north eastern jungles of Sri Lanka and  she  finds herself in the thick of on-going civil war between Tamil Tigers and the army.

Natalie’s life hangs in the balance precariously, as she struggles to survive in the rebel camp. Will she escape the lustful advances of the rebel leader or be shot by his insanely jealous lover? Romance, laughter and drama in the everyday lives of diverse characters are delicately interwoven and interspersed with shafts of sunny humour to dispel dark shadows that threaten to destroy Natalie and Mike’s love forever. Natalie’s insecurity in Mike’s love re-surfaces, as she once again believes he has betrayed her and is unable to forgive him. Scenes shift from exotic Sri Lanka, to Melbourne and Queensland, as Natalie and Mike take a trip in the hope of regaining their lost paradise.