Nalini has been featured in Local papers such as the Peninsula Journal, The Frankston Standard, The Frankston/Hastings Leader, The Heart of Knox, The Heart of Waverly,  National Bulletins, Featured Stories with Collins Books & Book News Publications to mention a few.

Nalini is a member of the Society of Women Writers Victoria, Victorian Writers’ Centre, Authors Inc & The Peninsula Arts Society.

Please read some of the great articles featured below, giving an insight to the years of commitment and love of writing Nalini has achieved and reaching out to thousands of readers.

Rowville Lysterfield Community News – October 2012










Rowville Lysterfield Community News – June 2012














Il Globo – June 14 2012











Frankston Standard/Hastings Leader – August 1st 2011

Author House – November 2010

Victorian Writers’ Centre – July 2010

Society of Women Writers Victoria – April 2010

Frankston Leader – March 20th 2010

Mornington Library Newsletter – February 23rd 2008

Cronache di Melbourne Article – August 25th 2006

Peninsula Journal Frankston Independent Robinsons Book News

August 10th 2006 August 15th 2006 August 2006

Frankston/Hastings Leader – July 18th 2005

Frankston/Hastings Leader – May 17th 2004

Frankston/Hastings Leader – April 2004

Frankston Standard – April 26th 1999

The Heart of Knox – November 9th 1988

The Heart of Knox – August 9th 1988

The Heart of Waverly – May 30th 1988