“ELISE’S JOURNEY” charity performance to be held at 2pm on 21st October 2012 at the Community Centre Mt Eliza Vic. 3930

This one-off charity performance will be held in aid of St Vincent de Paul Society at 2pm on Sunday the 21st of October 2012 at the Community Centre Mt Eliza Vic. 3930. An original musical by Elvira Spaziani and stage play by Nalini de Sielvie is based on real life. “Elise’s Journey” a light musical in three acts is set in 1950, and tells the story of Elise, a twelve year old girl who is sent alone to live with relatives in Australia in order to escape poverty in the Island of Selina, off the coast of Sicily. Every original song resonates with emotion, capturing the fear, sadness and bewilderment she faces on her lonely voyage across the sea. Elise later becomes a famous singer-songwriter and in spite of heartache and sorrow, eventually finds love and happiness in the lucky country.

“Big Read” a Big success!

The festive atmosphere at Rosebud library was a welcome sight with bright yellow balloons festooned right throughout. It was a hive of activity last Saturday on the 25th of August as crowds poured in to participate in the fun-filled “Big Read” events. Children lined up to meet their favorite authors and get their books signed, while adults stopped to browse and engaged in interesting conversations with the local authors. We had excellent results that day with several people purchasing signed copies. I was very pleased to meet other authors from the Peninsula and we enjoyed each others company immensely as we shared our literary experiences. The library staff were friendly and supportive and did a marvelous job promoting the event as the crowds did not ease till nearly closing time at 2pm. I will certainly be part of this event in 2013 too, as it’s a great way to promote my books and meet  other writers out there. A great big thank you to the friendly staff at the library. Well done!





Edge of Nowhere Second Edition now Available

Almost a decade has passed since we first walked with Katie.

Now relive the story with this second edition print available here or you can order now online at:


This is a chilling, gripping tale which portrays the life of a  lonely, lost teenager, tossed in a turbulent sea of drugs, sex and violence.

Katie Brown grows up in a destructive environment and most of her brief life is spent searching for an elusive love.

Katie pays the supreme price for her misspent youth and proves that there are no winners in the drug scene and that the destructive road downhill ultimately leads her to the edge of nowhere.

The Big Read Rosebud Library 25th of August

As part of the Emerging Writers Expo, The Big Read market and fun day held at Rosebud Library will be on Saturday the 25th of August 2012 from 9:00am to 2:00pm.

I will be there as well as some members and other authors.  This is a great opportunity for readers not only to meet some very interesting and versatile authors and purchase signed copies, but to also engage in informal discussions about writing, publishing, editing, marketing and distribution of books.

The Big Read is a special free all-ages event presented at our libraries, which will offer a range of fun and inspiring activities to celebrate the National Year of Reading 2012.

This is a free event but some events require bookings. Please call (03) 5950 1230 for more details for bookings or click here for more details The Big Read